Get Rid Of Your Old, Unwanted Floors

Schedule professional flooring removal services

Maybe you want to install a new concrete floor, but your old, worn-out floor is in the way. You don't have to go through the hassle of tearing up your floor yourself. You can hire NE Floor Prep Inc for flooring removal services.

Our crew can get rid of all kinds of flooring materials. We can grind up concrete and haul away the mess or remove leftover adhesive to leave you with a smooth, clean surface that's ready for a new project. Contact us today to set up flooring removal services.

Why hire a professional flooring company?

Why hire a professional flooring company?

You might be thinking about removing your floor yourself. However, there are many advantages to hiring a dedicated flooring company. You'll appreciate that...

  • We'll take care of the entire project, from grinding up the floor to cleaning up the mess
  • Our team has the skills and equipment to remove floors in all kinds of commercial and industrial spaces
  • You'll end up with a floor that's completely clear and ready for a new installation

We'll take care of the job from start to finish so you can focus on your operation. Remove your floor by calling us at 508-989-5667.