Flooring Removal

We can tear up an old concrete floor and get rid of it for you.

Flooring Removal

Floor Prep

From leveling to grinding, we'll prepare your floor for a new installation.

Floor Prep

Floor Coatings

You can reinforce your floor with an attractive, durable and protective coating.

Floor Coatings

Commercial Flooring Installations

Update your business with durable, low-maintenance vinyl, tile or LVT flooring.

Commercial Flooring Installations

Repair, Restore Or Replace Your Concrete Floor

Call us for commercial and industrial flooring services

Your floors go through a lot. From heavy foot traffic to heavy equipment and machinery, they're constantly battling wear and tear. When they become cracked or damaged, it creates a safety hazard and slows down your operation. Don't wait to get industrial or commercial flooring repairs from NE Floor Prep Inc. Our crew can help by...

  • Repairing cracks and holes to make your floor as good as new
  • Resurfacing your floor to make it smooth and even again
  • Using shot blasting and concrete grinding techniques to remove inconsistencies

If you want to restore your damaged floor, we'll make sure it's functional and attractive again. If you just want to start over, we can remove your old floor from the concrete to the adhesives. Arrange for professional flooring services by contacting us today at 508-989-5667 .

Cover your floor with a protective coating

Want your floor to last as long as possible? Give it extra protection with a commercial or industrial floor coating. NE Floor Prep works with epoxy and urethane mortar floor coatings to update your floor from wall to wall.

These coatings provide superior resistance to scratches, impacts, moisture and stains. They're also simple to clean and will give your floor an impressive and appealing look. You'll rest easy knowing you can rely on your floor to perform every day. Find out more when you call us at 508-989-5667

We do more than just concrete

With over 20 years of experience in the commercial and industrial flooring world, our owner has the skills to work with all kinds of flooring materials. We can install floors for buildings like hospitals, warehouses and restaurants. Whether you want a traditional tile or luxury vinyl tile floor, we'll work with you to make sure you end up with your ideal design.

We're dedicated to creating high-quality floors that look professional and last for years. Make an appointment for floor resurfacing or replacement services by calling us now.


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