Make Sure Your Floor Is Ready for a Solid Coating

Hire us for concrete grinding and resurfacing services

Polishing your concrete floor can make it look incredible, but you won't get the results you expect if your floor is damaged or covered in imperfections and adhesives. Fortunately, you can get your floor ready with floor preparation services from NE Floor Prep Inc.

We can remove all kinds of inconsistencies with concrete grinding. We'll use specialized tools to grind down the surface of your concrete floor. From small imperfections to adhesives and curing agents, your floor will be stripped bare and left smooth and ready for a proper coating.

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Is your concrete floor cracked and unappealing?

Is your concrete floor cracked and unappealing?

Cracked and damaged concrete floors aren't just unattractive. They're also a tripping hazard and can lead to even more damage to your floors. With professional concrete resurfacing services, you can fix the damage without completely replacing your floor.

Our team will...

  • Repair cracks and apply a resurfacing material.
  • Smooth over this surface to create a solid and attractive finish.
  • Apply polish or an epoxy floor coating to protect your floor and make it more attractive.

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